Unwind and relax with our Goddess Rose Bath Collection. This gift box creates the best rejuvenating, body pampering and cleansing experience.


Goddess Rose Gift Box includes:

Selenite Wand

7 Chakras Beaded Bracelet  - standard 7 1/2"

Rose Sage Smudge Stick

Rose Bath Salt - 1.5oz

Rose Bath Bomb - 6oz

Rose Soap 1.2oz

Glow Serum 1oz

Rose Water 1oz 




Rose Water: Can be used as a face primer, body spray, pillow mist, or refreshing spray.

Glow Serum: Apply to cleansed skin as a nighttime moisturizer  

Rose Bath Salt: Use one tube at bathtime to relax, detox and sooth aches and pains

Rose Bath Bomb: drop in bath, relax and let it do its magic

Rose Bath Soap: Use as a body or face cleanser for a great refreshing experience. Massage over wet skin.

Selenite Wand: To cleanse your Aura, hold the wand close to your body starting at the top of your head slowy bringing the crystal down your body. (full instructions included with gift box)

Sage Smudge Stick: To cleanse your home and space, light sage stick and while walking around room saying positive affirmations.(full instructions included with gift box)

7 Chakras Beaded Bracelet: Wear to ensure your chakras are open and free flowing. (insight on 7chakras included with box)  




Glow Serum
100% Organic tea tree(tea tree leaf extract) oil, sweet almond oil, rosehip(rosa canina) oil, rosemary(rosmarinus offiialis) oil, melissa oil, vanilla(vanilla oleoresin) oil, lemon oil, coconut oil, natural rose buds.


Rose Water

pure hydrosol, distilled floral Water, rose water.


Bath Bomb

made with pure essential oils and sea salt


Balth Soap

made using traditional cold press method


Bath Salt

natural essential oils, raw dead sea salt, himalayan salt, rose buds







Goddess Rose Gift Box